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This website, rather than being a strict "Frequently-Asked-Questions" page, is more of a reference page, a page where fans can go to look things up about Elvis, most of it being links to other sites. With that in mind, if you'd like to take on a particular subject yourself, that's not already covered elsewhere on the web (or you think you can cover it better), by all means, start a page, and let me know, I'll be glad to link to any page that definitively covers a unique aspect of Elvis' life or career.

There are quite a few sites now that cover all aspects of Elvis' career including discographies, filmographies, lists of live concerts, etc. Obviously, as websites change, some are better than others at a particular aspect.

TCB, baby!

Section I: Elvis the Performer
  • Elvis' Music (discographies)
  • Original Versions of Elvis' Songs - David Neale's excellent site indexing Elvis' cover songs and who recorded any earlier versions. Very nice reference!
  • Song Lyrics
    • Lex Raaphorst's website, The Elvex Pages is a great source for song lyrics. (Click on "Words")
  • Elvis' background singers - one I tackled myself. The Jordanaires, J.D. Sumner and The Stamps, The Imperials, they're all here (yes, even The Mellomen!)
  • Elvis' Musicians - I'm workin' on this one!
  • Elvis' Vocal Range
  • Elvis On Screen
Section II: Elvis the Man
  • Elvis Timeline: Important events in Elvis' life
  • Elvis People: Elvis' family, friends, & associates
  • Elvis and the Martial Arts - Shane Paterson's excellent webpage covers the subject entirely.
  • Elvis the philanthropist: His charities
  • Elvis' collection of books - This info used to be available on Larry Geller's website, but unfortunately his site is gone. Anyone else wants to start a webpage on it... go for it!
Section III: About Elvis
  • Books about Elvis - Elvis in Print, with details provided by David Neale from his own personal collection of Elvis books! This isn't a complete list of Elvis books, but it's the biggest list I know about on the web! Of course, you can buy any Elvis book currently in print (and some that aren't) through
  • Elvis Fan Clubs - Fan Club info can be found at The Elvis Presley International Fan Club Registry, which list active fan clubs around the world. Also, you can visit the Fan Club section at Elvis' Official Site, to join a club in your area.
  • Elvis Collectibles & Memorabilia
Section IV: Graceland & Memphis

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